Christian Science church in Palm Desert, CA

Sunlight streaming into the garden
Next door is our Reading Room
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First Church of Christ, Scientist
Palm Desert, CA
74-025 Larrea St.
Palm Desert, CA  92260

Church Phone: 760-346-8667



Reading Room
(Next to the church)
Reading Room Phone: 760-346-9731

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Readers and Soloist singing a hymn Sunday morning
Sunday Church Service
Sunday School:
10:00 am

Wednesday evening
Testimony Meeting:
7:00 pm

Reading Room Hours:
In Season (Nov-May):
M-F: 10am - 3pm

Summer (Jun-Oct):
M-F:  10am - 1pm

  +Wed:  8pm - 8:15pm...
Upon request

(The Reading Room is
open for a short time
after the Wednesday service...
Just ask one of our ushers.)

Reading Room located
next to the church.